Gear Review: Yaktrax Summit


MSRP: $90

Color: Baby blue

Circumstance of Use: Hiking in New Hampshire during winter The terrain varied from flat ground to extremely steep and rugged trail. The trails were covered in ice, and a few feet of snow underneath.

Features: Boa Closure System makes for a comfortable and secure fit. Triangular spikes that grip to ice and snow with ease. Super easy to put on and take off.

Pros: I was delightfully pleased with the YakTrax Summit. They were comfortable to wear over my hiking boots and stayed on the entire hike. I didn’t need to adjust or tighten the device at any time, and they never loosened or felt like they were going to detach from my foot. The spikes are extra sharp, making them perfect for extreme icy conditions.

Cons: The overall layout of the product was a bit foreign to me. It took some practice to get the device on properly and securely. Once they were on, they worked just fine!

Overall: I would highly recommend purchasing this product if you plan on doing any winter hiking. I would highly recommend for a solid winter traction device.

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